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Talking Appraisals with SportCard Marketplace

First thing - go ahead and introduce yourself please. Tell us a bit about SportCard Marketplace.

My name is Marc Kurschner I am the founder of Sport Card Marketplace which is a online store dedicated to sport and non sport card products from all eras . I was born and raised on the upper west side of Manhattan and have been a NJ boy since 2005. I am a life long collector starting when I was a kid in the late 70’s. In the last few years, I have been lucky enough to take my passion and love of the hobby into a small business helping others find ways to get the proper value out of their cardboard gold .

Why would someone want to get their collection appraised? What are the benefits to that collector?

In the past two years the card market has blown up to a place where prices and values change by the hour . It’s good to know what you have so you are grounded in expectations but also making sure you get the most out of what you have. What does the process of an appraisal look like?

It’s pretty simple, although it can take some time depending on the size of the collection . I would take a view at what you have, explain what you have (some people sometimes don’t realize what they have could be really valuable!) and then give you options of how to go about selling the collection if that is indeed the path they want to go down.

What was the largest collection you've ever had to appraise? Last year I was introduced to someone who was moving from Brooklyn where they d ahlived for 40 years. I get to the house and he opens up his garage and no joke it was floor to ceiling - the garage was filled with unopened boxes, 5000 count boxes, sets, memorabilia, you name it. It took me most of the day to dig through what he had to give him an estimate on the value. I ended up buying the collection from him and organizing and selling it through sportcardmarketplace and eBay.

Do you strictly work with sports cards, or do you do appraisals of other cards or collectibles? Sports cards are our expertise but we also have a good understanding of the non sports market as well Anything else collectors should know about appraisals? I think just have an open mind . What you think you have in your basement or attic is probably not going to allow you to retire, but It could pay for a kid's tuition! Also appraisals anyone gives you will be on the retail value as if you were going to sell it yourself. If you don’t want to sell it yourself, be prepared to get less than retail, but that will allow you to move everything in one shot quickly if that is what you want to do .

Finally, you will be at the next Trading Card Expo doing free appraisals, correct? Yes can not wait !!

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