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Veteri Productions first online store,, caters to the passionate fanbase for the "Mythic Legions" toy line. This site has become a resource for dozens of independent artists to offer their creations to that fanbase, and the site has hundreds of unique, always-changing SKUs as part of its product catalog.

LegionsShop is just the first E-commerce endeavor from Veteri Productions. We are actively engaged in talks with other toy creators and communities to see how our services may be of use to them - and we expect the E-commerce category of Veteri Productions to be a major growth area for us in the future.

Additionally, our Website and Brand Services offerings include E-commerce development for new IPs, collectibles dealers, and more. If you are looking for expertise in launching a brand or online store, Veteri Productions has the experience and audience that will make that launch successful for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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