Pop-Culture Collectibles Consulting

Joe is a recognized expert in this space, working as an Overstreet Advisor to the Comic Book Price Guide, founder of the CVA (Comic Verification Authority), and a consultant and Consignment Specialist at Heritage Auctions in the trading card gaming category. If you need to consult an expert on any aspect of pop-culture collectibles, from comics, to cards, to toys and beyond - Joe is your man.


Event Services

Live event experiences are our bread and butter. Veteri Productions runs a number of very successful pop-culture collectibles shows in and around the New Jersey area. We can also provide event planning and execution services for organizations looking to run an event of their own. In the past we've partnered with companies like the New Jersey Devils and Four Horsemen Toy Design to plan, produce, and deliver exciting event experiences tailored to their specific audiences.

Estate Services

We have years of experience helping to sell off large, valuable collections left behind when a collector passes away, or a collection that needs to be liquidated due to divorce, bankruptcy, or simply because that collector is looking to cash in on years of collecting! We can make all the arrangements needed to best sell off that collection in a way that will bring in the most interest, and the most income.


Are you an auction house, store, or dealer in the pop culture collectibles space?  Or are you new to the space and looking for an opportunity to enter?  We can help you grow and/or enter this exciting market. We will tailor a sponsorship package that will work with you and your budget.  Let us get your name and services in front of our 30,000+ active and engaged contacts, all of whom share your same passion for everything related to pop culture collectibles.  We will assist you in growing your business. 

Collector Capital

Have you ever wished you could tap into the value of your collection in order to quickly access funds?  Perhaps you need to cover some unexpected expenses, or maybe you got a lead on a great collection or piece, but you don’t have the funds. With the “Collector Capital” program from Veteri Productions, you will be able to use your existing assets in your collection to get the money you need. 

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Website and Brand Services

Whether you are a new toy or collectibles company creating exciting original products and looking to build your brand and online presence, or a toy reseller in need of Ecommerce website assistance, the Veteri Productions team can help. We have over 20 years of experience building - refreshing - and maintaining online brands for leading companies, including Four Horsemen Toy Design, LegionsShop, and many businesses outside of the collectibles space.

Purchase Collections

We here at Veteri Productions know the time, energy, passion and money you put into amassing your coveted collection.  When the time comes to downsize or sell your entire collection what is the best way to maximize its value?  We can help!!  Contact me today!  Let me know what you have for sale and chances are myself or someone I know will be interested in purchasing.    


Auction House Consulting

Joe Verteri has worked as a consultant and Consignment Specialist at Heritage Auctions, the world largest collectibles auctioneer. Joe was instrumental in starting the trading card gaming category there and he has years of experience in Auction Services. This experience makes Veteri Productions expertly suited to answer your questions and help direct your efforts in this competitive and lucrative space.

Live Auctions

Veteri Productions is now offering auction services.  We have joined to offer you; our dealers, attendees and all others who are interested in selling their items in a safe and reliable way.  And we do all the work!  If you are interested, please contact me today to discuss with our in-house auction specialist.