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Digital Collectibles

No matter what segment of the collecting hobby you enjoy – be it toys, comics, trading card, artwork, or something else, you have likely heard the word “NFT” thrown about in your favorite collecting community. While many longtime collectors are confused by the idea of a “digital collectible”, the reality is that the brands we all know and love – and the ones we are already collecting, are jumping feet first into this exciting new space, and Veteri Productions is your source for expertise in NFTs and digital collectibles.

Just as we have done in other collecting categories, Joe Veteri is lending his knowledge and experience to this rapidly growing collectibles market. Joe has proudly joined the team of Opus-Labs as Chief Operating Officer.

Opus-Labs is a company that will be helping brands large and small realize the potential of NFTS and digital collectibles. So what does this mean for you as an individual collector?  Just like Joe brings you the best in action figure, toy, comic art, and trading card vendors via his various live events, so too will he and Opus-Labs make collector-friendly NFTs accessible to everyone.

You do not need to be a tech-geek to realize the benefits and the fun that this new collectibles space has to offer, especially with someone you already know and trust like Joe and Veteri Productions acting as your resident expert.

Want more details on Opus-Labs and digital collectibles? Here are some resources for you:

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