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Events for 2024

Veteri Productions has organized and held a variety of exciting event experience in and around New Jersey for years. From events focused on a variety of pop-culture collectibles to targeted events about very specific corners of this industry, we have done it all. See our family of brand events below and select any to learn more. You can also see our full calendar of upcoming events here.



ToyConNJ is a family friendly event jam-packed with thousands of current and vintage hard-to-find Toys, Comics, Movie Memorabilia, Transformers, Model Kits, Superheroes, Playsets, Character Toys, Small Antiques, Anime, DVDs, Posters, Military, Action Figures, Sports and Non-Sport Cards, Dolls, Trains, Advertising, Vintage Disney, Gumball & Vending, Dime Store, Books & Magazines, Autographs, Cap Guns, Die-Cast, Records, Stamps & Coins, Toy Soldiers, Barbie, GI Joe, Star Wars, Lego, Original Art, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, PEZ, Tin Toys, Battery Op, Board Games, Monster Collectibles and so MUCH MORE!!

Next Show Date: Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15, 2024

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Comic Art Con

Since 2009 Comic Art Con has brought to the masses a show dedicated exclusively to a true American art form -- original comic book art.

NO COMIC BOOKS! No hustle and bustle of the big cons! This show is a gathering of comic art collectors to buy, sell, trade, network and talk comic art...and only comic art!

Comic art enthusiasts gather from around the world for what is truly a premier comic art event. If you collect comic art or just want to learn more about the medium, this is the convention for you!

Next Show Date: Sunday, August 4th

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Trading Card Expo

Trading Card Expo caters to the collector, investor and hobbiest that is passionate about all trading cards; whether it be sports, non-sports, gaming, sealed boxes and packs and box breaks! 


Come and spend the day with us!!!

Next Show Date: Sunday May 5th (with Wayne N J Toy Show)

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Wayne NJ Toy Show

The Wayne NJ Toy Show has been taking place the every month consistently since the late 1980's. That's correct, over 30 years!! Come and check it out and see for yourself why it is the best monthly collectible show in NJ! 

This show runs the first Saturday or Sunday of every month!

Next Show Date: Saturday, April 13th

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LegionsCon is the premier community-centric event focused on Four Horsemen Studios and all things Legions. Created by Joe Veteri and Jeremy Girard, this 2-day event experience attract exhibitors and fans from all over the world! The team from Four Horsemen Studios is on hand along with action figure customizers, artists, photographers, 3D-printers and sculptors, diorama creators, toy sellers, and indie toy companies! The show also features 2 different show exclusive releases, hands-on workshops, and the absolute coolest community of toy fans around!

Next Show Date: November 9-10, 2024

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The Mall Collectibles Show

NOTE​: This show has been retired, and is presented here solely for archival purposes.

Do you remember the amazing mall collectible shows from the past?  We sure do!! 


For those that do remember and for the next generation we are bringing the classic mall collectibles show BACK!!


OVER 40 vendor tables jammed packed with toys and other pop culture collectibles!  Come and spend the day with us!!


P3 - Pops, Pins& Patches

NOTE​: This show has been retired, and is presented here solely for archival purposes.

Pops, Pins and Patches (or P3) is the only convention dedicated exclusively to buying, selling and trading Funko Pops, Pins (FiGPiN) and Patches!  Come and spend the day with us buying, selling, trading and meeting other collectors that share your interests!  

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