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Collector Capital

Have you ever wished you could tap into the value of your collection in order to quickly access funds?  Perhaps you need to cover some unexpected expenses, or maybe you got a lead on a great collection or piece, but you don’t have the funds. With the “Collector Capital” program from Veteri Productions, you will be able to use your existing assets in your collection to get the money you need.  Here is how it works!

  1. You will provide a professionally graded collectible (or multiple graded collectibles) as the collateral for the loan. Minimum loan amount is $5,000.  It is solely at Veteri Productions discretion to ascertain and make a final determination as to the fair market value.

  2. You can access up to 50% of the value of this graded item as a short term “Collector Capital” loan from Veteri Productions. Your collectible is securely held for you and funds are made available to you immediately.

  3. “Collector Capital” terms are 3 to 6-month loans. Interest between 3% - 4.15% per month depending on the loan itself. There is also an origination and processing fees on these loans. Exact details vary depending on the loan. 

  4. Once your loan is paid, you can reclaim your graded collectible – until the next time you need access to “Collector Capital”!


Are you looking to leverage your collection to get access to immediate funds?  If so, contact Joe Veteri at for more details on how we can get you the “Collector Capital” you need quickly so that your collection begins to work for you!

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