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MetaTravelers Legendari Campaign is Live Now!

The Kickstarter for the exciting new Legendari line of figures from MetaTravelers is live NOW at Kickstarter!

Veteri Productions has been proud to be a part of the launch of this new line of fully posable action figures. Sculpted and engineered by Four Horsemen Studios, with storylines created in partnership with the team behind Guardians of the Galaxy, the Legendari line features incredible toys that are part of a brand new world! The campaign is live now with 7 figures to start. If the campaign passes its funding goal of $125k, additional figures are available to be unlocked - 15 total characters in all! There are also cool Add-Ons like heads packs and weapons packs available now to add to your pledge. For anyone who may never have used Kickstarter - this project only moves forward if the funding goal is met - this is why we need YOUR help! Money from pledges is not collected at the time of pledge. This campaign runs until October 15th, and if it is successful, any pledges will be charged at that date. So you can back this campaign now to help us get it funded and no money will be charged for well over a month! Many people wait to pledge on a campaign to see how it does - which defeats the purpose of crowdfunding to begin with! The better a campaign does early on, the more attention it receives, so there is a massive benefit to fans who dig this new toyline getting their pledges in early! Please consider doing so. You can see all the figures and items offered in this campaign, and make your pledge now, at On behalf of the entire team at MetaTravelers, THANK YOU for taking a look at this campaign and considering offering your support.

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