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Reports Show Adult Toy Collectors Driving Industry Growth

It will likely come as no surprise to toy and collectible fans who attend Veteri Productions events like the Wayne NJ Toy Show, ToyConNJ, or LegionsCon, but recent reports have revealed the incredible impact that adult collectors have had on this industry.

The research company, NPD Group, found that these adult collectors buying toys for themselves make up approximately 25% of toy consumers. Even more interesting, even though this demographic is only a quarter of toy buyers, they accounted for 60% of the growth in the industry for the past year ending in September.

Veteri Productions has been part of the collecting world for many years now, so this popularity does not surprise us, but we will admit that the increase in new collectors is very exciting to see, as is the industry's move to create more products directed at this lucractive market. These products include items that touch on an adult collector's childhood nostalgia, with new versions of toys that many had in their youths, as well as brand new toy lines and brands created specifically with higher-end collectors of all ages in mind.

With more attention being paid to adult collectors and the industry continuing to grow, you can expect prices on key collectibes to continue to rise as collectors seek special pieces for their collections - and Veteri Productions looks forward to helping to connect buyers and sellers at all our 2023 events!

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