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LegionsCon 2021, Exclusive Figures, and Future Plans

Veteri Productions is still buzzing from the incredible weekend of Nov 13-14 and the combination of ToyConNJ and LegionsCon 2021. It was an amazing weekend of toys and pop-culture collectibles, culminating in the annual gathering of fans of Four Horsemen Studios! You can see below the incredible sea of fans who eagerly poured into LegionsCon as soon as the doors were opened!

One of the most exciting parts of LegionsCon was the release of the "Sir Girard" exclusive figure. This special boxed edition Mythic Legions figure was presented in packaging that included the LegionsCon logo and the dates of the event. It was made available at the show and immediately became a sought after piece in the Mythic Legions collection!

We are already hard at work planning the full calendar of Veteri Productions events for 2022, including the 4th Annual LegionsCon! We are also working with a number of toy creators and companies to introduce additional exclusive figure releases at our events. This is an exciting expansion of what Veteri Productions can offer, and just one of the surprises we are working on for 2022! Stay tuned for more details and announcements soon!

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