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Announcing the Veteri Productions “NiFTy Pins” 2023 Rewards Program

We are happy to announce the release of an exciting new collectible item and benefits program from Veteri Productions – NiFTy Pins!

Limited to just 100 total pieces, this enamel pin is based on an NFT owned by Veteri Productions. In addition to the collectible nature of the item itself, ownership of the 2023 Veteri Production NiFTy Pin also comes with a range of added membership benefits, including:

  • Diamond VIP level access to all Veteri Production regular shows! This means earlier access then Early Bird admission for each day of the event. This includes ToyConNJ, the Wayne NJ Toy Show, Trading Card Expo, and Comic Art Con (note that LegionsCon is NOT included). Holders of the NiFTy Pin get no-cost VIP badges to all these shows for the entirety of 2023! The value of the admission to these events is more than the cost of the pin itself!

  • DOUBLE the purchase limits on any Veteri Productions exclusive figures (including the LegionsCon 2023 releases). If an exclusive is limited to 2-per person, pin holders will be permitted to purchase 4 of that release!

  • Are you a dealer at our shows? Pin holders who are also dealers get priority access to all tables available at all shows as well as $10 off table prices (LegionsCon not included). Also, there will be wholesale opportunities granted to all dealers who participate in the 2023 NiFTy Pins Program.

We plan on doing the NiFTy Pin Program every year with limited runs and benefits. The cost of the 2023 pin is $100 – and as a final benefit for this inaugural release, anyone who buys the 2023 pin will have first right of refusal on the 2024 pin – AND we will discount the 2024 pin by $20 for you!

The 2023 NiFTy Pin is available for purchase now on our Ecommerce site,, as well as at Veteri Productions live events (including this weekend's Wayne NJ Toy Show) while supplies last.

As always, thank you for your patronage and support!

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