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2 Exclusive Figures at ToyConNJ

If you’ve been following our social feeds on Facebook and Instagram, you have likely seen the exciting news that Veteri Productions will have TWO exclusive figures for sale at the upcoming ToyConNJ event (October 15-16 at the Wayne PAL in Wayne, NJ). This idea of offering exclusive items from a variety of companies and creators is something we are really excited to be able to do, and we are planning on doing many more items like these in the future! Here are some details on these new exclusive items!

The first item we showed off recently was the “Alpha Rogue” from the Star Dusk line by Fox Forge Toys. If you’ve been to ToyConNJ in the past, you may have met the team from Fox Forge Toys. They have been a regular exhibitor at our events as they showcased their new toy line. Funded via a successful Kickstarter, the first figures from Star Dusk are starting to make their way into backers’ hands now! We were fortunate to be able to work with the Fox Forge Toys team early on to create this super cool figure as a ToyConNJ exclusive. It features one of their Star Dusk toys with a strangely familiar, and decidedly deadly, look. Needless to say, this is one new toy you will definitely want to hunt down for your collection!

The Star Dusk Alpha Rogue will be available for $30 each at the show. He is strictly limited to 3-per person. The total run size on this figure is just 510 pieces!

The second item we will have is from the ultra-popular Plunderlings line by Lone Coconut! This is another company who was at one of our shows last year (LegionsCon), and which will be exhibiting at ToyConNJ and at this year’s LegionsCon as well! Lone Coconut have held two successful Kickstarters – one for their Plunderlings toys and a follow up for the Plunderlong and Plunderstrong versions! Their translucent “Drench” Plunderlings figures have become some of their most sought after, and we are thrilled to bring Drench Abyss to ToyConNJ!

This figure comes with multiple heads, hands, and character-specific accessories. He will be available for $40 at the show and is limited to 3-per person. The run size on this figure is 1000 total pieces!

In addition to the Drench Abyss Plunderling, we will also have a small number of the company’s “Hatchling” sets in the same translucent purple color! These allow you to use your extra Plunderlings heads and hands, giving you a way to display an extra figure! These will be offered for $20 each.

Both the Alpha Rogue and the Abyss Drench will be available at a special spot at the front of the venue, next to where registration is. You can get all the details on the ToyConNJ show at

We hope to see you at the show! Stay tuned for details on future exclusive figures from Veteri Productions!

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