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Welcome to the new Veteri Productions

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

If you are a fan of pop-culture collectibles in the New Jersey area, you very likely know the name Joe Veteri from one of the many toy and collectibles shows he runs. If you are fan of the ultra-popular Mythic Legions toy line, you may also know Joe as the namesake behind the devious "Lord Veteris" figure! However you may know Joe Veteri, one truth is that you likely do not know the whole story!

This updated version of was developed to showcase all of the services offered by Veteri Productions - from the events they run each month, to the pop-culture collectible consulting services offered by Joe.

Use this website to stay up-to-date on upcoming events or to learn what's new from Veteri Productions. If you are in need of consulting services for your own event or collectibles project, you can also use the site to learn about how Joe and his team can help you and how to contact them for more information.

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