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VP...Hapes In!

The NFT market is incredibly hot! More importantly, Veteri Productions is excited about the many unique opportunities and benefits NFTs offer to those that issue them and their holders. Let's talk with our founder, Joe Veteri, about an NFT project he recently engaged with.

When did you first get excited for the NFT space?

I always viewed cryptocurrency as an asset class and tech venture. Moreover, I immediately saw the potential of blockchain technology. This is a game changer! Very much the way Web 1.0 and then Web 2.0 changed society and how we live and interact, blockchain will have an even greater impact. For some reason, many don’t see it. People are grossly underestimating the technology.

As for interested in investing in the space, I started with NBA Top Shot and then moved to VeVe (pop culture collectibles) and now OpenSea (many other platforms are emerging). Some of the projects on OpenSea grant their NFT owners full commercial rights to that image. I believe many projects that launch via an NFT collection will go on to becoming major global media, entertainment, and fashion brands. It’s happening already; for example, Bored Ape Yacht Club (first venture capital funding valued them at 5 billion), Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Clone X, Doodles, etc. Thus, to align my VP brand with a potential billion-dollar global IP is very appealing. It’s the first time in history “outside” participants can have such ownership. I see a paradigm shift in wealth taking place over the next 5 – 10 years and NFT’s play a major role. One of my next ventures for VP is to manufacturing exclusive limited-edition collectibles based off of my NFT assets.

Tell us a bit about this NFT project?

One of the many I am interested in now is HapeBeast (known as Hape Prime on OpenSea). It is a high-end urban fashion brand. It was very hyped before launch with collectively over 750,000 members on their Twitter and Discord. I own 2 currently (shown below) and plan on making collectible products of their likeness. I can’t disclose anything further at this time (I am smiling and very excited about this). 😊

Will we see Veteri Productions involved in more NFT projects in the future?

More for sure! The NFT space is in its infancy. My focus now is to also add NFT’s to my conventions. I will assure all who hold my NFT’s they will have a strong use case and utility. Moreover, it will make them eligible for exclusive products and other events. Plans are in the works! 😊

“Membership” has its privileges!

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