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Zombie magic purple cape (#8632) 🍋 3D glasses angel winged wizard cape (#691) 🍋 Red bow toilet paper (#7463) 🍋 Breaded Conical hat Adventure pack (#3054)


Set of 4 unique cloisonné lapel pins from the Little Lemon Friends main NFT collection. The entire collection may be viewed on Open Sea


Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects that offers highly detailed impressions creating quality collectibles. Colored material is fused onto a base layer of enamel separated by partitions made of metal ribbons to form detailed designs. The colors are hand-filled into the recesses of the pin’s design with a powdered glass-like mixture then baked at a very high temperature. The glass enamel is sanded and polished to be flush with the metal lines that separate the colors. This gives the lapel pins a smooth and lustrous quality.

Set 1 - Little Lemon Friends Pins

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